‘Dark Horse’ U.S. Presidential Candidate Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Advertisement Andrew Yang, a “dark horse” U.S. presidential candidate running as a Democrat, tweeted that he is accepting donations in bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies for his 2020 presidential bid. Yang is a successful entrepreneur who founded an organization called Venture for America, an entrepreneurial fellowship. He authored a book called “The War on Normal […]


Status and OmiseGo Team Up to Advance the Web3 Ecosystem

Ethereum-based mobile operating system Status has announced that it is partnering up with OmiseGO, a network providing financial inclusion and interoperability, and Plasma scalability research, to advance the web3 ecosystem. According to an announcement, the partnership will see Status and OmiseGO working to ensure seamless integration of the OMG Network decentralised exchange (DEX), where Status will […]


Etherscan Block-Explorer Hit by ‘Harmless’ Hack

Visitors to the website were panicking on Monday when faced with a pop-up indicating that the site had been hacked. The popular Ethereum blockchain-explorer quickly fixed the breach and no data was compromised — this time. “1337” The hacker was apparently able to implement the attack via code input into the comments section of the site. […]