Claim: Crypto Exchange Lost $500,000 Due to AurumCoin 51% Attack

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn A little-known cryptocurrency called AurumCoin (AU) has claimed that it was hit by 51 percent attack, and crypto exchange Cryptopia, where the cryptocurrency is listed, lost 15,752.26 AU (approx. $ 550,000 at the time of writing this article). However, the cryptocurrency has shifted the blame on Cryptopia. On AurumCoin’s website, it has […]


Square Generates $43 Million in Bitcoin Revenue in Q3, Profits Reach $500,000

Mobile payments and merchant services provider Square, Inc. has revealed its Q3 revenue report, and with it has shared some positive growth in Bitcoin-related revenue. Square Shows Steady Continued Growth in Bitcoin Revenue According to Square’s third quarter 2018 revenue report, the mobile payment firm generated $ 431 million in adjusted net revenue – beating […]


Binance Uganda Launches Fiat-to-Crypto, CEO Donates $500,000 to National Charities

Fiat-to-crypto trading is now live on the Uganda-facing division of the hugely successful trading platform Binance. As part of a wider commitment to encouraging blockchain being used for charitable causes, its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, announced that his exchange would donate $ 500,000 to local causes through the firm’s charitable wing. Binance Execs Spy Big Opportunities […]