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‘Wasteland’ Director’s New Blockchain Gaming Store Signs up 22 Publishers

Advertisement Co-founded by veteran game developer Brian Fargo, Robot Cache will purportedly be the first blockchain-based digital marketplace for video games. Brian Fargo Launches Blockchain-Based Steam Competitor The PC games platform is set to launch sometime in 2019 but has already signed up 22 publishers and 700 games for its blockchain-based competitor to Steam. “Wasteland” […]

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Facebook Aggressively Hiring Blockchain Devs, Discussed Launching Cryptocurrency: Report

Advertisement Facebook has embarked on an aggressive hiring spree to woo crypto experts to expand its blockchain group amid speculation that the social media monopoly is considering launching its own cryptocurrency. Facebook formed its blockchain unit in April 2018 with David Marcus, the former president of PayPal and VP at Messenger. Marcus is a longtime cryptocurrency advocate […]


Blockchain Encyclopedia Everipedia Unveils Improvements, Expansion Plan

Everipedia illustration, Decentralized encyclopedia startup Everipedia is working on improving user experience and expanding its blockchain ecosystem, with a new user interface, more languages to be added to the platform, and new decentralized apps (DApps) under development, the startup said on Thursday. Everipedia launched its blockchain network in August 2018, allowing users to begin […]

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Porsche Arranges $170m Loan Using BBVA’s Blockchain Platform

Advertisement Prestige car-maker Porsche has arranged a loan to back its proposed strategic acquisitions using Spanish-bank BBVA’s ever-developing distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. The loan, valued at €150 million (the equivalent of nearly $ 170 million USD) is, says a press release from BBVA: “The first acquisition term loan ever arranged through blockchain technology.” Acquisition […]

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XYO Network Partners With Esri For Blockchain Enabled Geographic Information System

Advertisement XYO Network, a blockchain-based geographic information system (GIS) with an Ethereum token and its own blockchain network, announced today a partnership with Esri, one of the world’s oldest and largest GIS systems and mapmakers, a company founded in 1969. The partnership came about when XYO hired a former Esri employee and the partnership became […]

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Blockchain Development Is Linkedin’s Biggest Growing Job Sector

Advertisement Today, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn released its top 5 emerging careers, where it listed  “Blockchain Developer” as its biggest growing job sector for 2018. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, job listings for engineers who can develop distributed ledgers with P2P technology have grown 33 times this year. In the second place, and by […]

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PayPal Gets into Blockchain, But Only Internally Among Employees for Now

Advertisement Payments platform PayPal has so far avoided Bitcoin acceptance and, at least visibly, not considered blockchain for its platform. Now, it has launched an internal blockchain-based employee incentive program. A production of PayPal’s innovation lab, in San Jose, California, the platform took 25 strong team six-months to build and went live this November, according […]

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South Korean Tech Giant Kakao Invests in Blockchain Project Orbs

Advertisement Israeli hybrid blockchain platform Orbs has announced that it is entering an investment partnership with the venture arm of South Korean internet group Kakao. Created to serve as a pioneering public blockchain system offering unprecedented flexibility and utility, Orbs permits business dApp developers to deploy over a highly secure and liquid network that comes […]


The HTC Exodus 1 ‘Blockchain Phone’ is Here and It’s Underwhelming

This week saw the first reviews of the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone, as ‘Genesis Block’ pre-orders started to ship. However, threatening to steal HTC’s thunder came crypto-related trademark applications from Samsung, amid speculation features may arrive early next year. HTC Exodus Arrival So it’s finally here; 7 months on from its announcement in May, […]

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‘Crypto Congressman’ Floats Blockchain to Help Fund Trump’s Border Wall

Advertisement Yesterday, US Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) stated in an interview with NPR that blockchain technology could potentially be used as a means to fund the border wall that has become little more than a political football in Congress, with President Donald Trump recently threatening a government shutdown if congressional Democrats fail to deliver funding for […]

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UAE Firm Taps Ripple Blockchain RippleNet to Launch Cross-Border Payments

Advertisement RippleNet, the blockchain-based global payment network of Ripple, is set to increase its footprint in the Middle East with a United Arab Emirates-based remittance firm set to unveil cross-border payments using the technology. According to Reuters, remittance firm UAE Exchange will roll out RippleNet-powered cross-border remittance services to Asia in the first quarter of […]


HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain Smartphone Will Ship with Brave Browser

Advertisement The Exodus 1 is HTC’s cryptocurrency and blockchain oriented phone. It’s designed as a native blockchain mobile and to work securely with cryptocurrency and decentralized applications (dApps). Revealed in a recent tweet by co-founder Brendan Eich, who also developed the Firefox Mozilla browser, Brave will be HTC’s default browser. We are very happy to […]