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‘Be Sustainable’: Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Scoffs at Crypto Giant Bitmain’s IPO Attempt

Cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain has been unsuccessful, so far, in gaining approval to be a publicly listed firm in Hong Kong | Source: Shutterstock Talking at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), Charles Li Xiaojia, talked about how important it is for […]

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Oops! South Korean Crypto Exchange Accidentally Sends Traders $5 Million in Bitcoin

Image: Shutterstock By Did you ever dream of waking up in the morning to unexpectedly find a vast amount of cash miraculously appearing in your account? That is what recently happened to users of a prominent South Korean crypto exchange. Coindesk Korea has reported that the Korean crypto exchange Coinnest has accidentally airdropped over $ […]

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Korean Crypto Exchange Executives Fake Trading Volumes, Earn Prison Sentences

Image: Shutterstock Two major executives of Komid, a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in South Korea, have been sentenced to prison, according to a report by local Korean news outlet Blockinpress. The two individuals were convicted of falsifying trading volumes on the exchange. Choi Hyunsuk, CEO of Komid, is one of the indicted individuals. He was […]

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Turkish Crypto Exchange Sistemkoin’s Disturbing Security Flaw Reveals Major Withdrawal Complaints

Image via Shutterstock. By Turkish crypto exchange Sistemkoin had done $ 68 million in volume over the 24-hour period at time of writing. However, according to a report from a user and security researcher, there are significant security problems with the exchange. The exchange did over $ 10 million in Bitcoin trades alone. Source: […]


NZ Police Investigate Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia homepage, January 16, 2019 New Zealand police are investigating the hack of cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, which resulted in “significant losses” that some estimate could amount to more than US$ 3.5 million.    Christchurch company Cryptopia, which has been said to be operating New Zealand’s largest cryptocurrench exchange, shut down its website and exchange services […]

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Belarus’ Newest Tokenized Securities Exchange Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum. Image from Shutterstock., allegedly world’s first regulated tokenized securities exchange, has officially launched. It will allow users to purchase traditional assets with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. When that is said, was launched on January 7th offering much of the same services as The exchange is offering 50 Euros […]

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Another Crypto Exchange Hacked, Could it Hurt Reputation of the Market?

Cryptopia is the latest crypto exchange to succumb to hackers. | Source: Shutterstock On January 14, large crypto exchange Cryptopia was hacked, resulting in significant losses of investor funds. In an official statement released on Tuesday, the company said that the New Zealand police and the government’s High Tech Crimes Unit had initiated an investigation […]


Bitfury Brings Lightning Network Payments to the First Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfury’s Lightning Peach team has just announced the implementation of Lightning Network payments on cryptocurrency exchange BTCBIT. This is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the two companies. Fast (And Cheap) As Lightning Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol, utilizing a large network of open two-party channels, to enable multiple payments, without the need […]


Cryptopia Exchange Hacked: ‘Significant’ Losses Reported

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has been hacked. The team confirmed the security breach, outlining that the losses are ‘significant.’ ‘Significant Losses’ New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has suffered a security breach and is going through unscheduled maintenance. The announcement was just posted on the exchange’s official twitter page, outlining that the losses have been significant. We […]