Wyoming Becomes First State To Give Bitcoin Owners Full Property Rights

Cryptocurrency advocates are celebrating Friday after the US state of Wyoming passed a bill giving direct property rights to cryptocurrency holders. Wyoming Senate Passes Crypto Property Bill Bill SF0125 passed its second and third Senate readings February 13 and 14 respectively, and will now go before governor Mark Gordon for endorsement, becoming law as early […]


Abra’s Non-Custodial Bitcoin Backed Global Investment App is a World First

San Francisco-based Abra just made cryptos more accessible with their global investment app. Lowering the Barrier for Investors One of the greatest complaints that people have when it comes to cryptocurrency is usability. Well, San Francisco-based Abra just made cryptos more accessible with their global investment app. The investment app lets anyone invest in traditional […]


Facebook Moves Closer to ‘FaceCoin’ Acquiring Its First Blockchain Startup

Social media mogul Facebook has made an advance in its blockchain effort by hiring a blockchain startup specializing in smart contracts and facilitating payments.  Facebook ‘Acqui-Hires’ Chainspace According to financial media Cheddar, Facebook has hired a small blockchain company called Chainspace. In Silicon Valley, this move is referred to as an “acqui-hire” and according to the report, four […]

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Marshall Islands to Issue Physical Banknotes for World’s First Decentralized National Digital Currency

The Marshall Islands will soon circulate physical banknotes representing the world’s first decentralized national digital currency. This is happening under an agreement with Tangem, a Swiss maker of blockchain-enabled smart card wallets for cryptocurrencies. “We are excited to partner with the Republic of the Marshall Islands to do something that has never been done before: issue […]


Blockstream Satellite Broadcasts First Message From Mysterious Bitcoin User

Cryptocurrency figures were sharing a sense of excitement January 24 after a mystery user broadcast a message on the Bitcoin blockchain via Blockstream’s satellite network. ‘Straight Out Of Bladerunner’ Blockstream, which launched its network of satellites to allow Bitcoin users to transact without an internet connection, has yet to provide official comment on the event, […]