Bitcoin Fever Driven By Stocks ‘Pessimism’ As Global Debt Hits $243 Trillion

The global debt has reached the astronomic amount of USD 243 trillion. And now the stock market is becoming gloomier. Against this background, some investors and financial specialists are turning their focus to Bitcoin and speculating about the causes of the renewed interest in the cryptocurrency. Is Mounting Debt Causing “Pessimism about stocks and Spiking […]


Bitcoin Lightning Network Hits 1,000 BTC Capacity on Its One Year Anniversary

Bitcoin Lightning Network has surpassed 1,000 BTC network capacity on its one year anniversary. The event highlights’ the layer-two scaling solution’s progression in the short span of only a year.  Bitcoin Lightning Network: Happy Birthday! One year ago, on March 15th, Lightning Labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark, announced the first official beta implementation of the Lightning […]


Blockchain’s Killer App: Crypto-Powered Web Browser Brave Hits 20 Million Downloads

The Brave internet browser, which rewards users with cryptocurrency, has clocked up phenomenal growth. According to AppBrain, the Android app has now been downloaded 20 million times. Brave aims to “fix the internet” by blocking ads and refusing to track user activity and location. The platform rewards users and content creators with a native cryptocurrency, […]