Storonsky: ‘No Interest from Big Institutional Investors’ (Why He’s Wrong)

Last week, Bitcoinist argued that cryptocurrency enthusiasts should stop waiting for institutional investors to arrive — because they’re already here. Not everyone shares that opinion.  According to a recent report from Bloomberg, institutional investors don’t have much of an ‘appetite’ for digital currencies. The opinion comes from one Nikolay Storonsky, who formerly traded for Credit […]


Crypto Doom and Gloom: Banking CEO Says There’s “No Interest” from Institutions

The CEO of Revolut has claimed that large institutional clients, which are often cited as the drivers of the next crypto bull run, have shown very little interest in investing in assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Revolut CEO: Institutional Investors Show “No Interest” in Crypto While speaking at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal this week, […]

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Winklevoss Lawsuit Continues; Lawyer States Defendant Committed ‘No Misconduct’

Earlier this month, the NY Times reported that the crypto-famous Winklevoss twins have accused Bitcoin Foundation founder Charlie Shrem of Bitcoin fraud. The Winklevoss lawsuit has now turned into a heated battle between both parties. Winklevoss Lawsuit According to the report by the NT Times, Shrem made several lavish purchases in 2018, that caught the attention […]


Venezuela Citizens See ‘No Sign’ of National Petro Cryptocurrency

Amidst a mounting economic crisis, Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency the Petro is nowhere to be found. Numerous reports indicate an almost non-existent usage within the country. ‘Hard to Spot Almost Anywhere’ According to a report from Reuters dated August 30th, the Venezuelan town of Atapirire has not yet reaped the fruits of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency efforts. The […]


Japan FSA: We Have ‘No Intention’ To ‘Excessively’ Regulate Cryptocurrency

The head of Japan’s financial regulator the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has confirmed there was “no intention” to introduce “excessive” controls on the country’s cryptocurrency industry. Japan FSA: ‘We’d Like To See It Grow’ Speaking to Reuters in private comments August 22, Toshihide Endo said that despite strict management of Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges, a crackdown […]


‘No Reason to Not Allow’ the Bitcoin ETF to Go Ahead — Says SEC Commissioner

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce explained why she is pro-Bitcoin ETF and why the Commission rejected the Winklevoss’ Twins latest rule change application. ‘I’m a Big Fan of Innovation’ In an interview with CNBC’s Cryptotrader host, Ran Neuner, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce explained that she is currently one of four commissioners responsible for the fate of […]