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FEMA Data Breach Exposes Private Data of Nearly 3 Million Individuals

A data breach has occurred within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), resulting in the private data of nearly three million disaster victims being shared with an unnamed contractor. The shared information includes home addresses, social security numbers and banking information for victims of U.S.-based disasters such as hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria in 2017 […]

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While Regulators Focus on Bitcoin, Russia’s Largest Private Bank Laundered $9 Billion

A group of investigative journalists uncovered a $ 9 billion money laundering scam rooted from Russia’s largest private bank and unsurprisingly, it doesn’t involve Bitcoin. The scheme, which enabled perpetrators to funnel billions from shell companies to the global banking system, was exposed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) with assistance from the […]


Wall Street Doesn’t Want Private Keys So We Got Rid of Them, Says Crypto Startup

Cryptography company Curve revealed its Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service today, which aims to provide financial institutions and enterprises with a storage solution that makes their cryptocurrencies and digital assets instantly available — while also providing total autonomy and eliminating the need for private keys.  Curv claims that it is eliminating the need for somewhat-complicated private […]


Security Token Startup Templum Shifts to Private Blockchains

Security token specialist Templum is shifting from public to private blockchains. Announced Monday, enterprise software vendor Symbiont is building a private blockchain and smart contracts system that Templum will use for future security token offerings (STOs) by its clients. Previously, the regulated broker-dealer left the choice of blockchain protocol up to the issuers, but this […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Defends Facebook: We Don’t Sell User Data, But Store Tons of Private Info

Mark Zuckerberg has launched a defense of Facebook’s data-storage policies in an Wall Street Journal op-ed. | Source: Shutterstock By Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of social media monopoly Facebook, claims his company does not sell private user data. The 34-year-old billionaire issued the denial amid volcanic backlash over longstanding claims suggesting otherwise. “We don’t sell […]


Bitcoin Private Denies Fraud Allegations and Calls for Halt to BTCP Trading

Bitcoin Private Symbol Bitcoin Private has confirmed the allegations made by CoinMetrics, reported by CCN yesterday. Calling them “mathemetically accurate,” the development team says that no one on their team knows where the extra coins wound up. Again, CoinMetrics stated that at least 300,000 of them had already been moved through exchanges. Due to the […]


Bitcoin Private (BTCP)…Privately Pre-Mined 2 Million Coins for Its Founders

The creator of altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) was battling accusations his project was a “scam” December 24 after an investigation revealed over 2 million ‘secret’ coins. Coinmetrics: There Are 2.04M ‘Extra’ BTCP BTCP 00, a so-called “fork merge” of the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchains, fell 20 percent after research group Coinmetrics published the information Sunday. […]