ICO Raised With ‘No Strings Attached’ Led to Massive Abuse – iAngels Exec [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with Shelly Hod Moyal, Founding Partner and Co-CEO of iAngels, on why the ICO market popped and where the cryptocurrency industry is headed next.  A Hunter College and Kellogg MBA graduate, Shelly is a recognized expert in the areas of Fintech and Blockchain, and is a sought-after expert at international conferences about Israeli tech […]

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Hate Pays: Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Has Raised Surprising Amount of Bitcoin

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The Daily Stormer is a “white nationalist” blog replete with meme culture, poor grammar, and the expected, constant barrage of sexist and racist remarks. Over the years it has continually had its domains yanked, hosting revoked, and, of course, most normal funding services like PayPal refuse to allow it to do […]

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CryptoKitties Creator Has Now Raised Almost $75,000 Per Daily Active User

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Dapper Labs, who believe that their product CryptoKitties is the “world’s first and most successful consumer blockchain product” according to this press release, has raised $ 15 million from a few venture capital firms including funds run by heavyweights Google and Samsung in order to expand operations, including creating a US […]

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Bitcoin Investment Trust Creator Has Raised Record $330 Million This Year

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Ten months into a bear market that has seen cryptocurrency prices decline approximately 75 percent from their all-time highs, analysts differ on whether the bitcoin price has found a bottom or could continue to decline over a time horizon as long as 18 more months. However, Grayscale Investments, the crypto investment […]

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70% of Small-Cap Cryptocurrency Tokens Now Worth Less than ICO Raised

Advertisement More than two-thirds of small-cap cryptocurrency tokens distributed through initial coin offerings (ICOs) are currently worth less than the startups that issued them raised through their crowdfunding sales, a newly-published report has found. Small-Cap ICO Tokens are Hemorrhaging Value According to the report, which was compiled by cryptocurrency research firm Diar, the 562 ICO […]