Bitcoin Should ‘Depart’ From Proof-of-Work, Says Bank Of International Settlements

Bitcoin figures have dismissed the latest report on cryptocurrencies by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) after it claimed Bitcoin must stop using its Proof-of-Work algorithm. BIS: Bitcoin Must Drop Proof-of-Work The report, ‘Beyond the doomsday economics of “proof-of-work” in cryptocurrencies,’ was released January 21. It focused on double-spend attacks within cryptocurrency blockchains, as well […]


There Won’t Ever Be Only One Crypto, Says “True Bitcoin Maximalist”

Since alternative crypto assets began to garner traction in recent years, some of the Bitcoin (BTC) community’s most fervent leaders have come out to denounce “altcoins,” as they’re adamant that BTC is the crème de la crème. In fact, some so-called “maximalists” have taken their raison d’etre to extremes, claiming that any blockchain project accompanied by a […]


Rumors Denying Russia’s $10B Bitcoin Investment ‘Ridiculous,’ Says Ginko

The economist who told the media Russia was planning to buy $ 10 billion of Bitcoin has staunchly defended his remarks in the face of ensuing criticism. ‘Who Denied It? Vladimir Putin?’ Speaking to Australian news outlet Micky, which first reported the story earlier this month, Vladislav Ginko dismissed reactions which questioned his reliability. “The […]


The Finance Prof. Who Says Bitcoin’s Going to ‘Bite The Dust’ Is Wrong

Kevind Dowd. Image from Independent Institute. By Kevin Dowd is a Professor of Finance and Economics in the Business School at Durham University, Northeast England, and the co-author of the 2015 paper “Bitcoin Will Bite the Dust,” along with market analyst and author, Martin Hutchinson, for the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington DC. CoinDesk […]


Bitcoin: After Breaking Above $3,700 It Could Soon Surge Towards $4,100, Says Analyst

After a several day period with little volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin has now surged above $ 3,700, which proved to be a level of resistance over the past week. Today’s price surge, despite being relatively small, could be significant in leading Bitcoin’s price back towards $ 4,100. One analyst also believes that Bitcoin’s […]


Gov’t Indecision on Cryptocurrencies Helps China, Says Former Congressman

Reporting in The Hill, Washington’s top political news source, former Republican George Nethercutt says it’s time for policymakers to allow cryptocurrencies and innovation to flourish. Fighting for U.S. Intellectual Property As trading negotiations concluded in Beijing, U.S. intellectual property was top of the list. For far too long Chinese companies have infringed on U.S. IP, […]


Satoshi’s Vision ‘Not a New VISA’ But An Alternative to Banks, Says Dan Held

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto wanted it to be an “alternative to banks,” not a “new VISA,” cryptocurrency veteran and former Blockchain executive Dan Held has said. What’s In A ‘Vision’? In a series of tweets January 14, Held became the latest well-known figure to take issue with pundits who claim Bitcoin’s intended purpose is primarily […]


Russia: Cryptoruble Coming ‘Within 2-3 Years,’ Gov’t Official Says

Russia could introduce the Blockchain-based alternative to its fiat currency, the ‘Cryptoruble’, within “two to three years,” a senior politician has said. Aksakov: Cryptoruble ‘Will Not Differ’ From Fiat Ruble Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the financial markets committee at Russia’s state parliament the Duma, made the forecast speaking to local news outlet RIA Novosti. Long […]