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Indonesia’s First Billion-Dollar Unicorn Acquires Philippine Bitcoin Wallet

By On Jan. 18, after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Philippines market earlier this month due to foreign ownership concerns, Go-Jek, a major Indonesian ride-sharing platform has announced a partnership between with, a local crypto wallet and payments platform. The Filipino firm is currently in the process of rolling out beta access to users in the […]


Bitcoin Wallet Comprise: Electrum Wallet Breach Costs Users Over $750,000

According to emerging reports, the popular Bitcoin wallet software Electrum has been attacked costing those affected over $ 750,000 worth of Bitcoin. The security breach involved hackers tricking the wallet into urging users to make a critical update. Those affected were then redirected to an unauthorised GitHub repository where an unofficial update was made to […]

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Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Partners with Neufund to Create Security Token Platform

Advertisement European crypto startups Neufund and Ledger have announced that they will work together to bring ERC20 tokens issued through Neufund to Ledger’s cryptocurrency hardware wallets and applications. Neufund, based in Berlin, and Paris-headquartered hardware wallet-maker Ledger already had a partnership dating back to 2017 when Ledger created a bespoke edition of the Nano S […]

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Crypto Hardware Wallet Trezor Adds Native Ethereum Support

Advertisement The Trezor Wallet development team has announced that the device’s beta firmware now offers native support for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and ERC20 tokens. In an announcement on the Trezor blog, the crypto hardware wallet manufacturer stated that existing third-party integrations such as MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, and MetaMask, which currently enable Trezor to support these tokens, […]