PSA: If You Mine Ethereum, You’re a Target for Crypto Hackers

Advertisement Hackers have devised a new way to steal your cryptocurrencies. This time, they are running a massive scanning campaign to pick out Ethereum wallets and miners with a specific vulnerability. Per reports on ZDNet, crypto hackers are targeting Etherum wallet and mining equipment going through devices with an exposed port 8545, the standard port […]

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ether Burns to a Crisp

Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork Nears and ETH Hacks Rise

HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain Smartphone Will Ship with Brave Browser


eToro launches #WelcomeToTheClub Premier League UK campaign

Global multi-asset investment platform eToro has launched eToro FC, a community for football fans interested in learning about cryptoassets and investing, as part of its new #WelcomeToTheClub Premier League campaign. In August, eToro partnered with seven Premier League clubs in deals that were paid for using bitcoin. From today, eToro will work with those seven […]

Blockchain Encyclopedia Everipedia Unveils Improvements, Expansion Plan

Russia Says Venezuela’s Petro Acceptance ‘Not Happening’

Venezuela Starts Converting Pensioners’ Payments to Crypto ‘Petro’: Report


Debunking the Bitcoin Death Spiral Theory

Bitcoin critics always seem to be the loudest during bear markets, which means the most ridiculous negative statements about the digital asset are also made during these times. In addition to plenty of claims of bitcoin’s death from the likes of angel investor Jason Calacanis and economist Nouriel Roubini, there is now also the theory […]


Report: At Least 77.6% of Bitcoin Mining Powered by Renewable Energy

The latest version of Coinshares’s bi-annual bitcoin mining report is now available, and it includes some fascinating conclusions in terms of the types of energy sources involved in the bitcoin mining process. According to the report, at least 77.6% of bitcoin mining is powered by renewable energy, which is in direct contrast to the sorts […]


German Firm Xolaris Launches Two Bitcoin Mining Investment Funds

Advertisement CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. German investment firm Xolaris has launched a European private-equity fund focused on bitcoin mining. Xolaris expects to raise $ 34 million to $ 57 million for the four-year project, the company announced in a […]


Intel Gains Patent for Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining Design

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. Intel has been awarded patent #10,142,098 , which pertains to a system they’ve designed which improves the energy efficiency of Bitcoin miners. While it takes a hardware engineer to fully […]


3 Cryptocurrencies Decoupling From Bitcoin into 2019 (PAL, TRX, WAVES)

2018 was underwhelming compared to 2017. The bear market went into full swing and most cryptocurrencies lost over eighty percent. Bitcoin has begun decoupling from many cryptocurrencies including those having some of the biggest developments of 2018. WAVES, TRX, and PAL are three cryptocurrencies that have persevered through the bear market. These three projects exceeded […]

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