Ethereum Condemns ‘Toxic’ Behavior That Caused Developer’s Abrupt Exit

In an open letter, tens of prominent Ethereum community leaders have spoken out against the “toxic” behavior prefacing Parity developer Afri Schoedon’s recent resignation. Heartfelt, it references Jameson Lopp, swatted in 2017. Lopp’s case is an “awful example of the intimidation that can be wrought in the midst of very heated debates.” Afri Schoedon ‘Far […]

New Report Analyzes the State of the Stablecoin Market

Binance DEX Testnet Launches But Don’t Call It a Decentralized Exchange Yet

Nearly Half of Millennials Trust Crypto More Than US Stock Market: Survey


Anonymous Security Researcher Uncovers Exploit in Bitmain’s Bitcoin Miner S15

Developer James Hilliard, best known for his Bitcoin Improvement Proposal #91 (the BIP which activated SegWit and prevented SegWit2x) and the CGMiner program, discovered a vulnerability in Bitmain’s Antminer S15 firmware. The vulnerability was then turned into an exploit by an anonymous security researcher. Hilliard has publicly demonstrated the exploit in action: @BITMAINtech tried and […]


Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Reveals $500 Million Loss; End of the IPO Dream?

The world’s largest maker of cryptocurrency mining equipment Bitmain made a $ 0.5 billion loss in 2018’s Q3, CoinDesk reports. Citing a source who viewed an update that was filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the publication also reported that Bitmain generated revenues of more than $ 3 billion during the first three quarters […]


Bitcoin Cash Pools: The Majority of Bitcoin SV Blocks Are Mined By ‘Unknown’ [Yes, Really]

Like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV has large mining pools, each with a significant share of its SHA-256 hashrate. However, unlike the others, BSV has a nearly 44% majority who are “unknown,” according to data published by Coin.Dance. Bitcoin SV blocks today according to Comparing the above to Bitcoin’s same period chart, about […]


Taiwanese Chip Manufacturing Giant Blames Revenue Losses On ‘Crypto Winter’

Taiwanese chip manufacturer United Microelectronics Corporation saw a roughly 10% decrease in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018. Like TSMC, who provide chips to Bitmain, they prominently attribute some of their losses to the downturn in demand for cryptocurrency. Less demand amounts to less need for mining, which subsequently lessens the demand for mining […]


Facebook May Be Eying ‘FaceCoin’ as It Expands Its Blockchain Team

Social media giant Facebook is looking to expand its blockchain team. Could ‘FaceCoin’ follow JPMorgan’s recently unveiled JPM Coin as companies vie for the prized online payments market.  Facebook’s Hiring: Blockchain Experts According to Facebook’s official careers page, the social media giant is looking to expand its team operating in the field of blockchain technologies. As […]

NEO Founder: Blockchain Infrastructure Not Ready for Mass Adoption

Norwegian ‘City’ Replacing Fiat and Cash for Its Own Cryptocurrency

Huobi’s V2.0 ‘Stablecoin for Stablecoins’ Aims to Close Arbitrage Loophole

Wyoming Becomes First State To Give Bitcoin Owners Full Property Rights