‘Encrypto’ By Franck Muller Joins The Ranks of Bitcoin Luxury Watches

Popular Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has teamed up with alternative investment company Regal Assets to release what’s touted as the first functional Bitcoin watch.  Enters “Encrypto” Pioneer luxury watchmaker Franck Muller has partnered up with alternative investment company called Regal Assets to release a timepiece called “Encrypto.” The watch itself was designed by Frank Muller […]

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Hillary Clinton Lied When She Called Drunk Pelosi ‘Sexist Trash’

By CCN: Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump and his “cronies” over the infamous drunk Nancy Pelosi video, calling it “sexist trash.” Clinton even suggested the incumbent president’s decision to tweet the Pelosi video is evidence that he is “running scared.” Let’s not mince words: She lied. The Bizarre Logic Behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘Drunk Pelosi’ […]